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112 x 16 Serial Graphic VFD Display

69,00 USD + KDV
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  • 112 x 16 Serial Graphic VFD Display

    The module includes the Vacuum Fluorescent Display glass, VF drivers and micro-controller ICs with refresh RAM, character generator and interface logic. The asynchronous serial interface accepts baud rates to 115,200 with none parity. The module is ready to receive ASCII characters without initialization commands.

    112x16 Dot Graphic Single 5V Supply High Brightness Blue Green Display Operating Temp +85°C 11 Multi Sized Fonts Async. & Sync. Serial Interface

    1.6 8.8 max 2.0 max Dimensions mm & subject to tolerances. Mounting holes 3.0mm dia.

    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION Parameter Symbol Power Supply Voltage VCC Power Supply Current ICC Logic High Input VIH Logic Low Input VIL Logic High Output VOH Logic Low Output VOL

    Value 5% 260mADC typ. 0.8VDC min. Vcc max. 0VDC min. 0.2VDC max. 3.5VDC min. Vcc max. 0VDC min. 0.6VDC max.

    The power on rise time should be less than 100ms. Inrush current at power on can 2 x ICC.

    OPTICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Value Display Area (XxY mm) x 11.45 Dot Size/Pitch (XxY mm) x 0.725 Luminance 700 cd/m2 Typ. Colour of Illumination Blue-Green (Filter for colours) Operating Temperature to +85°C Storage Temperature to +85°C Operating Humidity (non condensing) @ 25°C SOFTWARE COMMANDS ­ Popular codes, more included Command Code Write Character to Display 20H-FFH BS, HT, LF, CR, Display Clear 0DH, 0CH Initialize Display 1BH 40H Specify International Font 52H n Vertical Scroll Mode 1FH 02H Horizontal Scroll Mode 1FH 03H Cursor Set yL yH Scroll Display Action cH s Display Blank t2 c Screen Saver 40H p Bit Image Display Group xL xH Font Magnified Display x y Brightness Level Setting 58H n

    The module defaults to 5x7 font, cursor top left at power on.
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